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Who am I?

I'm a father of four living and working out of Aberdeen who writes code, usually on the web, for a living.

I work for various agencies and clients in the area on projects as diverse as ecommerce sites, web apps, CMS integrations, charity sites, Laravel solutions, Craft CMS plugins and more. I also work on my own stuff from time to time and contribute to open source projects where I can.

If you think you could benefit from my expertise on your project, drop me a line below and I'll get back to you.

95% Code
90% HTML
73% CSS
99% Joy


Some people said nice things about me, now you read them...

James RE Boynton

Senior Digital Designer - C&C Enterprises

Having worked with Billy on a number of occassions I am always surprised by how much he utilises flexibility to communicate the online presence of my clients in different spaces. 6/10

Scott Graham

Creative Studio Manager - AVC Media

I would think Billy's "feeling his way" is better than most people's "expertise".

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Some of My Work

Here are some projects I've worked on and a bit about what I did on them.

Lower Your Scores

This is a web app written in Codeigniter I took over during my time at DEER/digital and completed while working at Tide. It aims to help you improve your golf game.

What I did:

  • PHP development in Codeigniter.
  • Server setup and admin.
  • Payment/subscription integration using Recurly as the payment provider.
  • JavaScript front-end.
  • Integrated views from the HTML designs into codeigniter views.
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EZ Map

This personal project is a web tool for developers and website owners to easily get coordinates of places and build their own Google maps. Written in a combination of Laravel for the back end and Vue.js/Bootstrap/jQuery for the interface. It uses Google's material design guidelines for most of it's interface to keep on-message.

What I did:

  • OOP PHP MVC development in Laravel.
  • JavaScript front-end development in Vue.js with some jQuery and vanilla JS thrown in.
  • Server setup using Forge on a Linode system.
  • Version controlled with git.
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Batchsizer is a web tool to allow web designers to resize a lot of images at once. The idea is that they can put in their settings and the tool will convert all the images they need for a responsive design in one go. You can see a load of examples of how images can be converted on this page.

What I did:

  • OOP PHP MVC development in Laravel.
  • JavaScript front-end development in jQuery/Bootstrap.
  • Server setup using Forge on a Linode system.
  • Version controlled using git.
  • Payment integration using Stripe for payment handling.
See it in action

...and many more

Many of my projects, especially as a freelancer, involve agency work that I sign an NDA for or just can't really show well here (did I mention I'm a back-end guy)

This includes:

  • Craft CMS plugins.
  • Drupal site maintenance/support.
  • Craft CMS architecture and builds.
  • Contact forms / application forms.
  • SOAP and REST API integrations.
  • Twitter bots.
  • Raw PHP and JavaScript "hacks". (Sometimes you just need to get it out the door!)

Latest News

What's going on in the world of Billy?

EZ Map

Many people struggle with getting the simplest of Google maps codes to use in their client and personal projects.

To this end I've launched EZ Map, a tool to easily use the API without any coding! It's super easy and best of all, free!

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Cobblers Children

I've finally gotten around to putting up a page on (yes, the one you're reading now)

If anyone who's worked with me in the past would like to send me a testimonial, please do and I'll add it to the list. I'd be much obliged.

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Someone was moaning on Twitter the other day about the need for a quick tool to generate responsive images for web designers. Thus BatchSizer was born. You can upload a bunch of images at once and resize to whatever widths suits your designs.

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Current Pricing

I re-visit my pricing yearly in order to remain competitive and offer value for money. I always try to be extremely flexible so get in touch anyway even if you had different numbers in mind.


  • Software questions
  • Smaller site alterations
  • Bug finding and squashing
  • No long contracts

Daily (8hrs)

  • Server setups or installs
  • Longer lists of site edits
  • Smaller projects
  • Better value for money

Contract Work

  • Full CMS installations and setup
  • Backend Laravel projects
  • Longer term builds
  • Retainers / on call

Contact me

Billy Fagan

Greenburn House
AB21 9UA

01224 716559

If a problem can be solved it will be. If it can not be solved there is no use worrying about it.